Thermal & Mountain Medicine Division


The Thermal and Mountain Medicine Division conducts research to sustain and enhance Warfighter performance and minimize medical risk associated with military operations at environmental extremes, including hot, cold, high-terrestrial altitude and multifactorial environments. TMMD research supports military materiel developers of clothing, equipment and food.

Research Areas

Heat Stress

  • Heat Acclimation/Acclimatization
  • Exposure Guidelines
  • Heat Strain of Clothing & Equipment
  • Microclimate Cooling
  • Predict & Prevent Heat Casualties
  • Hydration Assessment
  • Fluid & Electrolyte Requirements

Cold Stress

  • Cold Habituation & Acclimatization
  • Exposure Guidelines
  • Nutritional Interventions for Cold-Weather Operations
  • Countermeasures to improve Dexterity
  • Microclimate Heating
  • Predict & Prevent Cold Injuries

High Altitude

  • Altitude Acclimatization
  • Hypoxic Preconditioning
  • Exposure Guidelines
  • Nutritional Interventions for High-Altitude Operations
  • Pharmaceutical Interventions for High-Altitude Operations
  • Predict & Prevent Mountain Sickness


  • Heat Injury/Stroke
  • Hypothermia
  • Acquired Cellular Protection
  • Risk Factors for Susceptibility
  • Biomarkers of Organ Damage
  • Pharmacologic Interventions/Treatments

Multifactorial Environments

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