Military Nutrition Division


The Military Nutrition Division conducts nutrition research that provides the biomedical science basis for developing new rations, menus, policies and programs to enable Warfighter readiness, optimal performance and lethality.

Research Areas

  • Performance and Recovery Nutrition: Develop evidence-based nutritional approaches to optimize performance, promote rapid recovery between missions, and restore post-deployment health and fitness
  • Military Feeding and Combat Ration Support: Support ration evaluations, continuous ration improvement programs, and nutrition health policy/program development
  • Understanding Eating Behaviors: Develop and validate tools for assessing eating behavior in the military environment, including the Military Eating Behavior Survey (MEBS).
  • Dietary Supplements: Surveillance of use patterns, adverse health effects, and safety and efficacy evaluations.
  • Physiological Resilience: Develop evidence-based nutritional approaches to enhance resilience to operational stress

Highlighted Research

  • Dietary protein for optimizing lean body mass
  • Effects of inflammation on nutrient absorption
  • Examine physiological metrics that predict tolerance and resilience to military relevant stressors
  • Effect of military-relevant stressors on the microbiome
  • Optimizing micronutrient status for health and performance
  • Nutrition interventions to optimize immune recovery from military-relevant stressors
  • Development of a precise and comprehensive database of ration nutrient composition
  • Assessment of dietary supplement and caffeine intake in Warfighters
  • Development of a military-specific eating behavior survey


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