Military Nutrition Division


Conducts nutritional research that provides a biomedical science basis for developing new rations, menus, policies and programs to enable Warfighter health-readiness and optimal performance.

Core Competencies

  • Nutritional Physiology
  • Warfighter Nutritional Requirements
  • Ration Evaluation
  • Dietary Supplements

Research in Progress

  • Optimal protein content of energy-restricted diets
  • Optimal omega-3 diet
  • Iron-containing food products for preventing iron deficiency during basic combat training
  • Vitamin D & Ca supplementation for bone health
  • Nutrients to promote neurologic recovery
  • Tyrosine supplementation to enhance resilience during operational stress
  • Physiologic regulation of hunger, satiety and eating behavior
  • Modifying food service operations in military DFACS to enhance Warfighter nutrition
  • On-the-move nutrient delivery system
  • Survey of dietary supplement use in military populations

Current Program Objectives

  • Recovery Nutrition - Develop evidence-based nutritional approaches to promote rapid recovery between missions and restore post-deployment health and fitness
  • Physiological Resilience - Develop evidence-based nutritional approaches to enhance resilience to operational stress

Future Objectives & Challenges

Operational Nutrition & Metabolism

  • Exercise metabolism and dietary "fueling"
  • Nutrient requirements for cognitive work
  • Diet and endocrine modulation of satiety and hunger
  • Safety and efficacy of dietary supplements for Warfighters Nutrition and Recovery
  • Metabolic recovery from intense physical and cognitive stress
  • Nutritional facilitation of recovery from injury and illness Nutritional Fitness
  • Nutritionally enhanced resilience to injury, disease & infection
  • Identifying, screening & modulation of risk factors associated with excess body weight
  • Dining facility interventions to optimize Warfighters' health and operational readiness

Healthy Weight Management

  • Prevention
  • Database tracking at risk & post-treatment personnel
  • Risk factors: identifying, screening & modulation
  • Weight loss interventions
  • Differences in body weight regulation between men and women

Ration Sustainment Testing

  • Assessment of precise nutrient intake of the Warfighter
  • Nutritional adequacy of new combat rations

Military Nutrition Division's Contribution to Products

  • Rations and Supplements: Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MRE's), First Strike Ration, First Strike Bar, Ergo Drink
  • Doctrine & Training
  • Performance enhancing food additives
  • Nutrient Delivery System

Primary Research Areas

  • Bioenergetics & Metabolism
  • Warfighter Nutritional


  • Combat Ration Testing
  • Dietary Supplements



2006 Collaboration Team of the Year Award

MND science was an important part of the Cool the Force program, 2006 winner of the Army's collaboration award.

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