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Army Researchers Developing Mission Planning Tool for Soldiers During Load Carriage

Army researchers are developing the Load Carriage Decision Aid, a software mission planning tool that estimates how much energy Soldiers are burning when marching with heavy equipment over different terrains.

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A Legacy of Research: USARIEM Researcher Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Marilyn Sharp, a recently retired exercise scientist from the Military Performance Division of the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, was recently presented a lifetime achievement award during the final night of the 2020 International Congress on Soldiers' Physical Performance in Quebec City, Canada.

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USARIEM receives Army Star Strong Award

About 200 military and civilian employees of USARIEM joined for a town hall on Monday at the Carney Hall building where Brig. Gen. Michael Talley, commanding general of the USAMRDC, presented the Army Star Strong Award.

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Army researchers dug into the effects of MREs on gut health, here's what they discovered

Scientists from the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM) are exploring the complex relationship between the gut microbiome, health and operational readiness.

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Army researchers developing Augmented Reality software for field care

X-ray vision might be a thing of fiction, but with the use of Augmented Reality, or AR, technology, it could come closer to reality and even save warfighters' lives.

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Hello and welcome to the new USARIEM Webpage!

The USARIEM team is engaged in essential medical research focused on optimizing servicemen and women's health and performance during training and on the battlefield. USARIEM conducts this mission with unique facilities and top scientists, both Soldier and Civilians. Our research teams collaborate extensively with intra and interdepartmental, national and global partners.

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The USARIEM team recognizes the importance of environmental and operational contingencies for the health, performance and effectiveness of troops in training or combat. USARIEM is an internationally recognized center of excellence for Warfighter health and performance. Our research studies are conducted by scientists from our four research divisions, working in concert with one another, as well as other word-class scientists from government, industry and academia. Research divisions are: Biophysics & Biomedical Modeling (BBMD), Military Nutrition (MND), Military Performance (MPD), Thermal & Mountain Medicine (TMMD).

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