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Army Research Lab Studies Four Thousand Army Recruits To Investigate Injury Risk

With the U.S. Army's dedicated focus on improving readiness and lethality of the present and future force, one of the biggest questions military leaders, training schools, medics and researchers face is this: How can the U.S. Army build more resilient warfighters who are resistant to musculoskeletal injury?

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Army Laboratory Study Examines Impact of Military Physical Exercise on Bone Health

The exercise physiology laboratory located within the USARIEM has been bustling with activity this month with researchers collecting bone health data from 30 female research volunteers in an effort to better understand how bones, and hormones that affect bone regrowth, respond when new recruits start their first days of initial military training.

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Army Researchers Redefine Altitude Ascent Guidance for High-Altitude Missions

An Army-led altitude field study conducted last summer on the summit of Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, Colorado, has redefined altitude ascent guidance for Soldiers who have to make multiple trips between sea level and high altitude.

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Army Appoints New Senior Research Scientist Performance Physiology

The Secretary of the Army announced the appointment of Dr. Karl Friedl, a senior scientist and director of the Strategic Science Management Office at the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, or USARIEM, to the position of Senior Research Scientist Performance Physiology.

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USARIEM Gives Kids Hands-On Experience in Science Through 2017 GEMS Program

School is back in session, and students are back to hitting the books as they learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, hopefully to develop a passion for it and pursue a job in a STEM field.

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Welcome to USARIEM

Hello and welcome to the new USARIEM Webpage!

The USARIEM team is engaged in essential medical research focused on optimizing servicemen and women's health and performance during training and on the battlefield. USARIEM conducts this mission with unique facilities and top scientists, both Soldier and Civilians. Our research teams collaborate extensively with intra and interdepartmental, national and global partners.

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The USARIEM team recognizes the importance of environmental and operational contingencies for the health, performance and effectiveness of troops in training or combat. USARIEM is an internationally recognized center of excellence for Warfighter health and performance. Our research studies are conducted by scientists from our four research divisions, working in concert with one another, as well as other word-class scientists from government, industry and academia. Research divisions are: Biophysics & Biomedical Modeling (BBMD), Military Nutrition (MND), Military Performance (MPD), Thermal & Mountain Medicine (TMMD).



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